IPAF Training € Demonstrator Course

For those who are to demonstrate the control functions of a MEWP to trained operators.


MEWP Demonstrator Training Programme

The programme will consist of the following subjects:

1. Introduction

Facilities, Objectives, Health and Fitness Statement.

2. MEWP Categories

Different types of MEWP and their description and other course available.

3. PPE

Different types of PPE required, Harness Statement.

4. Opeator Revision and Theory Test

Refresher on Operator Course and Operator theory test. (If course ran consecutively no need to do the Operator test again providing the Operator achieved a minimum of 92%!)

5.Responsibilities For Familiarisation

BS ISO 18878, BS8460:, IPAF Familiarisation Statement, Company responsibilities,Demonstrator responsibilities.

6. Demonstrator Training and Practical Preparation

Familiarisation, How to get the information across, what is involved when doing a Handover, Identifying the Individual Machine, Suitability of the Machine, Limitations and Machine Features.

7. Pre-use and Function Checks

How to do Pre-use checks, Function Checks, Ground Controls, Platform Controls, and Defects.

8. Theory and Practical Test

• Introduction to Machine

  (Walk around pointing out controls, level checks € engine, hydraulic, water batteries.)

• Carry out Basic Operational Demonstration

  (Pointing out controls and all functions.)

• Daily Checks

  (Levels, structure, lights, drive and brakes, steering controls.)

• Defect Reporting

  (Provide contacts and telephone numbers and ensure they know how to I.D. machine e.g. fleet number,   model etc.)

• Get Handover Certificate procedure

• Practical Role-Play of Handover Procedure

  (Use Trainee and Instructor to practice and handover.)

• Review and Complete Test


IPAF Training Programme