Harness Training

Harness Training

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Safety Harness

Price of Course: £450 + VAT for up to 12 people

Duration of Course: 4 hours


This half day training course provides the core knowledge required by any user, supervisor or manager of personnel using safety harnesses, lanyards, anchor points and their associated products. The course covers the current legal obligations regarding the use of fall protection equipment, causes and resultant effects of a fall, standards and how they affect the equipment selection, storage, care, maintenance and rescue implications associated with some uses of safety harnesses, the Rescue Course is available as a further half day module.

Course Outline

  • Legislation 
  • Mechanics of a fall 
  • Selection of fall protection equipment (includes common hazards associated with different equipment types) – Includes practical elements 
  • Pre-use inspection - includes practical elements 
  • Anchor Points and devices 
  • Donning a harness – includes practical elements 
  • Storage, care and maintenance 
  • Rescue requirements and options 
  • Theory Test paper – Multiple choice

Training Method

Courses are delivered using our tried and tested blend of classroom-based theory and hands-on practical experience, your staff can develop an awareness of the legal implications, common hazards and precautions, together with the correct selection, use, inspection and maintenance of safety harnesses.

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