PASMA Low Level Access Course

At our premises in Hampshire or on-site

Course Overview:

The PASMA Low Level Access Course is designed to instruct up to a maximum of 12 delegates, and will cover the low-level access products with platform heights of 2.5m or below, such as Podium Steps, Folding Room Scaffolds and wide area low level access towers, the course incorporates theory and practical instruction sessions and assessments.

This course will instruct and assess each candidate in the competence to assemble, dismantle, use, move and inspect low-level prefabricated access units.


Suitable for:

Anyone in an organisation, who assembles, alters, dismantles, moves, inspects and most importantly USES low level access equipment such as podiums, folding room scaffolds and wide area platforms. This not only includes construction sites but all workplaces, such as schools, offices and factories both internally and externally.


Course Objective:

The aim and objective of our PASMA Low Level Access Course is for each of the person attending the course:

• To be able to safely and correctly identify, assemble, alter, use, move, inspect and dismantle low level    prefabricated access units in accordance with the manufacturer€s instructions, current regulations and    accepted approved methods.

• To have an understanding of current relevant legislation and regulations on Prefabricated Low Level    Access Units.


The PASMA Low Level Access Course content includes:

• Legal Overview € Health & Safety / Work at Height Regulations

• Guidance & Information

• Low Level Access Options

• Folding Scaffolds

• Folding Step Platforms

• Wide Area Platforms

• Hazards



Half Day € typically 3 to 4 hours

PASMA Training

PPE Required:

Candidates will be required to arrive with following items of PPE:

• Safety Helmet

• Gloves

• Hi-Vis Vest

• Safety Footwear



Upon successfully passing both the written and practical assessments, each delegate's details will be entered on to the PASMA central database and a Certificate of Competency and a Photo-ID Card will be issued that is valid for 5 years.