Manual and/or Patient Handling Courses

At our training centre in Hampshire or on-site

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Manual Handling Course

(Half-day course)

Manual Handling training courses are suitable for anyone whose work involves lifting or moving loads. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 require all employers to carry out training for staff who lift or move loads. Manual Handling training courses help you comply with this legislation.

Manual Handling training courses last three hours and are suitable for staff training on your premises. We also run courses open to individuals at our training centre.

All teaching materials are provided by us. A certificate of attendance is awarded to each candidate.

Patient Handling Course

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Course Aim:

To provide learners with the knowledge, skills and attitude required for safe patient handling.


Course Objectives:

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

• explain their legal rights and responsibilities,

• explain how the muscle-skeletal system can get injured,

• identify risk factors associated with patient handling,

• apply the principles of safe lifting to inanimate objects,

• handle patients safely.


Course Content:

What, Why?



Risk Assessment

Principles of safe lifting.

Principles of Safe Patient Handling

Safe Patient Handling Techniques

Use of hoists


Course Certification:

On completion of the course learners will receive a Patient Handling certificate valid for 2 years.


Course Duration:

1 day